The Shifting Global Balance of Power: Perils of a World War and Preventive Measures

by Mahmoud Musa (Author), Dr. Yana Korobko (Co-editor, Contributor)

Many believed that the world would remain everlastingly unchangeable in the aftermath of victory of the Allies -the United States, the Soviet Union, China, United Kingdom and France-in World War II. They remodeled the world map amongst themselves and affirmed that they will be guarantors of the international status-quo. However, those who pledged to conserve peace are now breaking it, leading the planet to the edge of clash. This book differs from all others that dealt with possible World War III scenarios since it combines knowledge in the fields of history, international relations, economics, sociology, and psychology and philosophy. Thus, giving the reader a broader outlook on such matters as: – Potentially risky world war scenarios; – Dialogue between the West and Islam; – New emerging superpowers; – Psychological and Cyber Ware fare; – Preventive mechanisms such as early-warning and preparedness operations.

Ameaças e desafios à segurança humana no século XXI

André Luís Woloszyn, ex-analista de la Secretaría de Asuntos Estratégicos de la Presidencia de la República

Ni todos los que ven tienen los ojos abiertos ni todos los que miran, pueden contemplar. Percibir la realidad cuando ya es tarde no sirve como remedio, y lamentablemente, algunos comienzan a observar cuando ya no hay nada para ver.

Baltasar Gracian

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